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Jeju-do: A Three Day Travel Guide

In the balmy turquoise sea south of the main Korean peninsula floats the small paradise of Jeju-do. This isle's center is dominated by South Korea's tallest peak - a now-dormant volcano called Hallasan - and slopes down into a fantastic, cratered landscape which tells the story of its (quite literally) eruptive history. Jeju's topography is… Continue reading Jeju-do: A Three Day Travel Guide

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Basic Bitch Travels, Episode 1: Coffee

I've been traveling nearly constantly during the past three years. I've heard a lot of good things, but also, some things which destroy my faith in humanity. Presented here, as what will *hopefully* be a weekly series, is a parody account of some of the things I've heard during this time.   When moving abroad,… Continue reading Basic Bitch Travels, Episode 1: Coffee

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Six Steps to (Korean) Sauna Success

Ah, the jjimjilbang (찜질방). Korea's nude saunas can be a pretty intimidating for someone who has never bathed naked with a bunch of strangers before. The first time I went I didn't know what the hell I was doing, and subsequently awkwardly followed people around. I was convinced that everyone would stare at me - the… Continue reading Six Steps to (Korean) Sauna Success

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Namwon: The Verona of Korea

About a three hours' drive south of Seoul in Korea's bucolic countryside is Namwon (남원), a small city with fewer than 85,000 inhabitants. It's located deep in the heart of Korea's breadbasket, Jeollabukdo, and the main industry here is farming. Rice paddies, twisting grape vines, and persimmon trees can be found throughout the periphery of the city,… Continue reading Namwon: The Verona of Korea

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Moving to Korea: The Ultimate Packing Guide

You’ve made the choice to move to Korea, bought your (one way!) plane ticket, and now you’re getting ready to pack.  I'll be honest here: I packed for Korea the night before I moved there. It was not my smartest move, so learn from my mistakes! Though, to be honest, the very fact that you're… Continue reading Moving to Korea: The Ultimate Packing Guide

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What to Eat in Lille, France

In a past life, before I moved to Korea to teach English, I studied and then interned at the Université Catholique de Lille in Lille, France, a city on the Belgian border located about an hour north of Paris via train. The year I spent in Lille was my first time living abroad, and my… Continue reading What to Eat in Lille, France

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Teaching English in Korea: A Haphazard Guide to EPIK

Ever since I was little, I've had a proclivity to adventure. I always knew I wanted to make the most of my life, which is why nearly three years ago, I made the decision to leave my exciting life drawing hearts in latte foam for minimum wage in the States behind and move abroad. I… Continue reading Teaching English in Korea: A Haphazard Guide to EPIK