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Sokcho: A Brief, Logistical Guide

In fewer than 500 words, here’s how to get to Sokcho and what you should do there.

Why should I go to Sokcho?

It’s gorgeous, there’s a lot of outdoor stuff to do, and you’ll get some culture thrown in there as well. If you doubt me, just look at the GIF that I Google made below.



Okay, yes, that does look nice. What all should I see in Sokcho?

I have a few suggestions:

Seoraksan National Park (설악산국립공원)

Seoraksan National Park is THE thing to do around Sokcho. It is seriously gorgeous. Even if hiking isn’t your thing, you can take the cable car (that you can see in the GIF above) to the top of a mountain (6,000 won, round trip) and take pictures that will make your grandmother have a heart attack.

It looks like I’m in mortal peril (especially with the sign that says “fall risk” to my right, but actually if I did somehow fall backwards I only would’ve fallen about four feet. That being said, there is no guard rail so be careful on the edges of the mountain!


Sokcho Beach (속초해변)

This gorgeous beach is only located about a five minute walk from the bus station, so it’s definitely worth hitting up.



Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)

There’s a lot of things to do along the lake, ranging from small carnival rides for kids to chairs for the hungover adults of Sunday morning to feebly sip black coffee in. If you don’t fit any of the above bills, it’s just nice to walk around.



Okay, you’ve convinced me. How do I get there?

From the Express Bus Terminal (고속터미널 in Korean, subway lines 3, 7, and 9) in Seoul, follow the signs towards the Yeongdong Line (영동선). 


At the ticket counter, purchase a ticket for Sokcho (속초). Get on the bus and on your way!


How long does it take to get to Sokcho?

Traffic-less, it should only take about two and a half hours to get there from Seoul, depending on how much of a reckless speed demon your bus driver is.


How do I actually get to Seoraksan National Park?

Once you get to Sokcho, both the 7 and 7-1 bus will take you to Seoraksan National Park (and around the city, in general.) You can even use the same transit card you use on the Seoul subway/buses for this bus. They each run about every thirty minutes or so, so you shouldn’t have to wait longer than twenty minutes for a bus.


What about everywhere else you mentioned?

The 7 and 7-1 buses will take you around most of town. It’s small.

What should I eat in Sokcho?

This grilled fish.



Wow, that does look good. Where can I find it?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This restaurant, located between the bus terminal and the beach, on Haeoreum-ro. It’s almost right across the street from the CU. (Turn left out of the bus terminal, then left again at the first intersection you come across.)


Did I leave anything out? Have you ever been to Sokcho? Comment below!

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