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How to Stay Slim While Traveling

During vacation, it’s pretty normal to put on a pound or two (or ten, depending on how much you’re enjoying yourself.) To be honest, I really don’t mind the weight gain; it’s trying to cram myself back into my skinny jeans once the vacation is over that’s I’m not fond of – or even worse, having to go buy new ones.

After one trip to France that left me seven kilos heavier than I had started out, I decided no more. I travel frequently enough that that amount of weight gain (and subsequent loss) isn’t very sustainable, so I came up with a list of rules to keep my waistline in check.

As they say, prevention is the best medicine.

1.Walk everywhere (if you’re able)

Personally, I believe there’s no better way to really see a city than on foot. Cities deserve to be seen slowly, leisurely. When you walk, you can really take your time to explore the hidden nooks and gems that might not be found otherwise.

I once heard that walking saves both money and gas while burning fat, while cars and buses do the exact opposite. Anyway, if you save your money and burn some calories, that means you can enjoy a nice little snack later.

Biking is also a great option, and can help you cover more ground if you’re in a rush.


2. Grocery shop

Whenever I visit a new country, I love to see what’s available in the local grocery store – or even better yet, the local markets. You can really see how people live – what’s important to them – when you visit these markets.

It also means that everything you eat won’t be calorie-dense restaurant meals which taste great because there’s half a stick of butter hidden in each plate.

Normally, I like to buy fresh fruit and other healthy things for my breakfast and something to snack on throughout the day. This also ends up saving me a ton of money, as I’m not eating out for breakfast or impulse buying junk when I get hangry.

(Note: if you’re traveling somewhere where the water is questionable, wash your fruits and vegetables with bottled water. Cholera ruins a lot more than period dramas.)


3. Bring snacks

You know what sucks almost as much as gaining weight? Paying three dollars for a bag of chips at the airport that would normally cost you fifty cents. You might as well pack your own snacks – preferably, healthy and filling ones. I like to travel with nuts and/or dried fruits. They’re both much healthier and contain a lot more nutrients than what you can get out of a normal vending machine, and will moreover probably fill you up more.


4. Trick yourself into exercising

You know what’s awesome? Lying out on a beach all day. You know what’s even better? Snorkeling in the coral reefs or hiking up a volcano or tangoing with beautiful strangers on the banks of the Seine at twilight. There are tons of ways that you can exercise while traveling, and all of them are infinitely better than watching cop drama reruns on the elliptical back at the gym.


One last note: don’t stress too much about your weight!

You’re on vacation! Who knows the next time you’ll get to have an authentic bowl of Japanese ramen or some real Belgian fries (with a side of heart-clogging mayo, of course)?

You can always eat some spinach or hit the gym once you get back home.

Love yourself. Love travel. Make the most of your life.


Do you have any other tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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