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Gettin’ Geeky in Gangnam: Samsung D’Light

Whether you’re a techno-geek or not, it’s hard to think of South Korea without thinking of Samsung. Their headquarters is located in trendy Gangnam (a district in Seoul), and open to visitors. Even though Samsung D’Light doesn’t have an admission fee, it has plenty to occupy an afternoon.

The Samsung Building is glossy and futuristic, as one might expect from the tech giant.


The bottom floor is of the building is a store featuring all the latest gizmos from Samsung, which you can – and are encouraged to – play with. Of course, most of the phones are set to Korean, but most of the staff speaks fluent English if you need help!


In the middle of the bottom floor is a VR (virtual reality) roller coaster, which, like all the other experiences here, is completely free.


A lot of what Samsung does with their flagship store is show how technology can – and will – impact our future. The seemingly simple white displays (below) have a tablet which lays over VR of people interacting in the settings, reminding us Millennials that we could one day own houses and have families if we stop buying avocado toast.

In addition to houses, Samsung D’Light shows how technology will other aspects of our lives, ranging from exercise to cafes.

There are a lot of interactive things to do at Samsung D’Light, if you’re not too camera-shy, ranging from altering selfies to getting told about your personality.

If you have a few free hours around Seoul, Samsung D’light is definitely a cool place to check out – even for those who aren’t techno-geeks.




Samsung D’Light is open from 10AM-7PM.

Getting There (by subway):

Gangnam Station, Exit 8.


All photos are mine.












































Getting there: By subway, Gangnam Station, exit 8.

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