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Pepero Day

In most of the Western world, November 11 is Armistice Day, a very somber, significant holiday which marks the cessation of the hostilities on the Western Front during the First World War.

In South Korea, however, things are a little different. November 11 marks instead Pepero Day, which is when the entire country gets Type 2 Diabetes you show your affection for your loved ones by giving them Pepero, which are long, thin cookie sticks, often dipped in chocolate or some other coating.

Pepero sticks are said to resemble the date: 11/11

Pepero Day, as far as I can tell, doesn’t seem to have any real historical significance, but instead seems to be solely a made-up corporate holiday with the sole intent of milking a cash cow.

Personally, I don’t really care. If it makes someone feel happy and special to give them a cheap box of tasty snacks, why wouldn’t you? And then, of course, you may get something sweet in return.

If you’re not sold on a day of eating delicious cookies given to you by your many admirers, it’s also often said that eating Pepero on Pepero Day – especially at eleven seconds past 11:11 – will make you tall and skinny, like a Pepero stick.

It seems like a win/win situation to me.

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