5 Ways Solo Travel is Easier for Women Than Men

There has been an enormous influx of solo female travel bloggers during the past few years.

You can find them peppered across the web easily. A quick Google search of “female travel blog” will conjure up a plethora of lists of top bloggers to follow, travel tips, and packing advice all aimed at women. However, most of these sites ignore the fact that quite frankly, women have it a lot easier trekking the world alone than men in several aspects.

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A (Partial) Guide to Korean Side Dishes

If you were to go to a Korean restaurant, you would immediately notice the several small dishes of food – mostly vegetables – set on your table.

These are banchan (반찬) – side dishes – and they are truly the hero we need. What makes them even better (besides the fact that they are both delicious and healthy, for the most part) is that you can ask for free refills. Much like soda in the United States, your waitress might even refill your banchan before you even finish it all.

Be still, my chubby heart.

Presented here is a guide of a few of my personal favorite banchan. It is in no way a complete encyclopedia to the myriad of Korean side dishes that bring light to this dark, cruel world, but it is a noble start.

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